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Our Facility

The Neo Therapy Facility is like no other. From its initial conception, Neo Therapy’s focus has been on client comfort, enjoyment and ease of accessibility. 
Check out the information below to see how our modern facility, carefully-selected equipment and welcoming environment enhance the patient experience.

Medical Rehabilitation Treadmill and Hoist

We are proud to be able to offer our clients this unique rehabilitation equipment. Featuring a medical-grade rehabilitation treadmill combined with an overhead patient hoist, this specialised equipment allows Neo Therapy clients to learn to walk in a safe and secure setting.

Kinesiotherapy Cage

The kinesiotherapy cage is another unique addition to Neo Therapy’s rehabilitation centre.
Providing near-infinite adjustment the kinesiotherapy cage allows for a safe and effective way for therapists to tailor exercises that enhance the strength, endurance, and mobility of individuals with functional limitations.

Overhead Client Lift & Parallel Bars

If you or your loved one requires assistance to regain their confidence and their ability to walk, Neo Therapy is well equipped to help get them back on track.  Our overhead client lift and our team of experts have the skills required to get you back up on your feet and walking safely.

Secure and Private Treatment Rooms

Feel secure during your treatment knowing that Neo Therapy Group provides higher levels of patient privacy. Our Clinical rooms are secured using electronic access control and visual treatment lights to prevent accidental walkins from both staff or the public 

Spacious Treatment Rooms

Client comfort is a top priority at Neo Therapy. Our treatment rooms are large and uncluttered, giving the therapist plenty of room to do their job and our clients the opportunity to relax and enjoy their treatment. Each treatment room has its own airconditioning system, which enables clients to set the room to a temperature that best suits their needs.

Client Focused Waiting Area

We want you and your supporters to be comfortable during your time with us at Neo Therapy. Make yourself at home and be comfortable by enjoying a cool bottle of water, a hot chocolate, a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits. If you need assistance just ask our friendly reception staff who will happily help you out. 

Luxury Client Transport

Like everything at Neo Therapy, our client’s comfort and safety are our primary focus. We offer a luxury transport service, unlike any other rehabilitation provider. Our client transport vehicle was specially chosen to meet the needs of our clients. Not only was it awarded the honour of being Australia’s safest car, but it also allows our clients the ultimate in passenger comfort, featuring dual-zone climate control along with seat cooling and heating for those clients who cannot regulate their body temperature.

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