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Imagine looking forward to your next therapy appointment

Neo Therapy Group was founded on that exact premise

Our Mission

Significantly enhance client outcomes by combining specialised equipment and highly experienced staff in an inviting environment which will increase patient attendance and adherence to therapy

Our Vision

We aim to develop an integrated allied health facility that offers treatment and services to the community in an inclusive, timely, sustainable, and professional manner.

The Conception

Co-founder Peter Kelly was a highly regarded electrician at the Port Kembla Steelworks for many years. After lunch one day, Peter suffered a medical episode and was rushed to the hospital. Seven days later, he was discharged from the neurological ward at Wollongong Hospital with a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. After several months off work, Peter returned to work in his previous capacity.

Years after the initial diagnosis, Peter’s condition deteriorated, resulting in him being unable to work in heavy industry. Peter was determined to regain as much of his life as possible. He struggled not only with his condition but also with navigating the NDIS and healthcare sector. Eventually, through perseverance and support from family and friends, Peter received physiotherapy from a remarkable physiotherapist Jeremiah Lee. 

Peter was impressed with Jeremiah’s knowledge and his strong commitment to understanding how Peter’s condition affected his daily life. Peter’s other support workers often told him how impressed they were that he was so committed to his rehabilitation. They explained that many of their other clients regularly cancelled appointments as they couldn’t be bothered to attend. This concerned Peter, who had experienced the benefits of quality rehabilitation first-hand. When Peter asked Jeremiah if this was often the case, Jeremiah explained that, unfortunately, it was. From that conversation, Peter knew what his next calling in life should be. Start a rehabilitation centre that people would want to attend. And who better to partner with than his previous physiotherapist Jeremiah Lee, the man who helped get his life back on track.

Current Position

Neo Therapy Group is going from strength to strength, and the client base is quickly expanding. So feel free to come past and meet with our friendly staff and see our fully equipped rehabilitation facility. It’s so much more than just a gym!

The team at Neo Therapy Group have big plans for the future as they look to expand operations within the Illawarra region.

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